I have something to say about taiga. I was there twice a long time and was able to get to know her better. At a more conscious age, I went to Yakutia, to the north, where there are long white nights, where there can be very hot, but short summers, where winter is freezing frost in the absolutely unimaginable temperature of -52.6 ° F


But in the early morning summer taiga wraps and lulls, it sleeps. The taiga wakes up slowly, a little lazy as if stretching after sleep. Taiga is melancholy.

This is a strange time when it seems that nature is spying on you, tending you to sleep, intending to wake up instead of you. And you want to submit to this nature6 beauty, nebula, coziness, and some special magic that it creates.

Photos were taken at 4 am on the road through the taiga. The white nights of the North passed. There were a ringing silence and no one on a long and very difficult track. It was a little scary if something happened to you - who would come to the rescue? It is difficult to imagine, but in this natural wilderness there was no one for many kilometers ahead, there was no mobile communication, and around at any moment a bear could appear.

Despite all the difficulties, everything seemed beautiful and remains beautiful. This has its own special magic - the magic of the North, the magic of pristine Nature. I am glad that I had a happy opportunity to visit such a remote nature of our planet.

I am glad that I still have these photographs taken from the car because getting out of the car was very scary because of the possible bears that ran out onto the road. I saw one and almost paralyzed with fear - the bear crossed the road 5 meters in front of the car. Therefore, I am content and share these photos as a memory of the beautiful, mysterious, somewhere and in something mystical and so magical, real and pristine!