Today it was raining. During the day he really wanted to break through the clouds, but he just dribbled for a few minutes and stopped. It was stuffy. And so I wanted as soon as a thunderstorm. A real, May one, with a shower that will dust the earth, will make fresh air, which will wash away the remnants of sadness, sorrow, anxiety from you, will bring down all your dust and restore it again. Tomorrow is the last day of May and summer will enter into legal rights. And it promises to be hot. And we will wait for the rain.
I love when it rains. I enjoy it, breathe it, listen to it. And I love the peals of thunder, I love how to count and imagine how many kilometers he is from me in childhood. I was never afraid of a thunderstorm, although I had seen ball lightning a couple of times in my life. It buzzes unpleasantly, and even from the sight of a zipper flying nearby, a chill on the back. But there is no fear of this element. There is something enchanting about this.

I watched from the window. The area was empty, although enthusiastic teenage screams came from somewhere, very reminiscent of me at the age of 14. I wanted to go outside but did not. But she leaned out of the window and enjoyed it to the fullest, leaving cozy pictures and an equally cozy video as a keepsake.
In recent days, the camera stuck to my hands again, we remembered each other and hugged. So, I’m sure there will be a lot of similar pictures. And the video ... I hope :)