My name is FeoSmile

This is the part about Feodosia, Crimea, for the most part, in photographs, although I want to say a few words about this. I already wrote that the city smiles with the smiles of the inhabitants. By publishing these photos, I realized that not only residents but also dogs, which are very numerous in the city. Wandering, yard-tailed friends, rarely walking in splendid isolation but mostly preferring a good yard company of their own kind, and they also smile, behave peacefully, showdowns in their animal world are conducted only with yard cats and do not bother people.
And by the way, these dogs, to my sincere surprise, often cross the road at pedestrian crossings and wait for people. Smart.

In the city itself, there is something to see, something to listen to interesting historical facts, than to enjoy your mind and expand your horizons. You can by car, you can choose a good excursion or tour guide, you can go on foot, as you like. Personally, I stomped all the places for my two - I love so much more. We parked the car, and then the whole city was in front of you and, armed with addresses, set off on a peculiar trip. Of course, it’s impossible to see everything at one time, and most importantly, it is impossible to be in the small streets hidden behind the houses, not to visit the courtyards hidden from the eyes, not to feel the city when you fly “just to cover everything at once”, if only time is extremely not limited. If you have at least three or four days, go forward to a thirst for knowledge, impressions and unhurried assimilation of what you see. It's worth it.

There will be no pictures of attractions here, maybe someone will greatly disappoint them. If there is an expectation of guiding places - you can safely close this post. They will not be here. There will be photographs of what is usually not noticed most often. Ordinary courtyards and streets bathed in the sun, languishing from the heat, quiet as if dozing in the summer afternoon. Toward evening, however, at the height of the summer season, Feodosia makes noise in the delight of vacationers, but in the morning he wakes up lazily and slowly.

Then there will be many photographs, but still, there will be a one-part more about one of the favorite warm cities on the Black Sea. So I propose to “take a walk” with me and warm up a bit, feeling the southern sun, which I so carefully collected in photographs.