For the first time

It was a sunny day and we didn't want to lose it. We decided to take a little walk to a beautifully landscaped area not far from our house. There was no snow, but already frost, trees were worth naked without leaves, but silence and rest in this place awaken joy. And of course, a little quick sketch of today and this beautiful place.

In the hustle and bustle of our days, sometimes there is so little privacy that you want to run away somewhere - in peace and quiet. I would like to be in nature with my dearest and beloved people. This time everything worked out as it should have been, as good as we wanted it to be. It was a great walk. We opened an amazing place. We felt so good there that we seemed to fill the owls of the soul with the energy of life to the top.

I invite you and myself again with me on this walk through the forest without snow, but where the birds sang it was cold, but the sun was so warm. There will be many beautiful and sincere photographs in memory of this day and our family moments. I hope you will feel that warmth and joy in the soul that I experienced, the warmth that my husband and our child experienced. Enjoy it with us!♥