The last part about Feodosia (the previous you can see by tags), the final. I promised to tell or at least give a direction - what to see in Feodosia. I will give you a small route. Go to the Black Sea embankment and go look at the Stamboli palace and cottage, then you will see the luxurious houses of the local rich people - the houses of Flora, Victoria, Milos, near the house of artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Give them due attention, enjoy the artist’s landscapes a bit later in the I.K. Aivazovsky National Gallery. Explore the single-track railway and watch how ships plow the Feodosia Bay.
If you are not afraid of rocking, then go on a boat trip - I am sure you will get great pleasure.
Then, having a snack, and there are plenty of cafes and small restaurants in Feodosia, go to the Genoese fortress. True, it was preserved much worse than in Sudak, but it also deserves attention. Do not take the time and take a walk to the "Golden Beach", and from there look into Catherine’s Church. Inside the temple is of amazing beauty. Take a walk in the Komsomolsky park.

If you still have the strength on this day, take a look at the museums, which are plentiful in Feodosia for the most curious: Vera Mukhina Museum, Znanium, MBUK Theodosia Museum of Antiquities, Deep Immersion, Museum of Theodosia Seaport, Museum of Underwater Archeology , Fish and Fisheries Museum, A.S. House Museum Green, Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Museum of Money, Museum of Illusions, RU, Feostoria, Cimmeria M.A. Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve Voloshin, Museum of the coast of them. K.K. Artseulova, Museum of hang gliding.
Is there really a choice? There is. For 1 day, of course, to cover, if possible, is very difficult and it is unlikely that there will be anything good to remember, so if you have only one day, take a walk, select several places and immerse yourself in these places with interest, and then come to the wonderful sunny city more than once. Then you will definitely have time to see all that is left behind the scenes.
And I leave here light, silence, comfort, summer, rustling leaves, unhurried course of everyday Feodosian life in these simplest, but real and continuing photographs so that you can find yourself again there for several minutes again when you are far away.