You know, when there is one day left before the end of something, then I really can't wait to either achieve the goal or get a prize. And now, one day remained until the end of the call, tomorrow I will sum up the results, but as a prize for me today there was a message from my friend! How pleasant and useful!

Receiving gifts and surprise packages from friends is great, very touching, you always feel warmth and care, so all this is tender and very pleasant! It's always Christmas and no matter what the weather or the time of year is outside the window. Thank you my dear for such an amazing package!


And yes, my voice got better, because the other day it sat down badly. But today everything is gradually improving and will be even better!

By the way, it's not surprising that I love licorice so much in all its forms. You see how everything in nature and man is arranged - the throat hurts, the voice falls, and immediately attracts to licorice!