The time has come again to draw. Take a blank canvas, palette, paints, brushes and start creating, being in your dreams, in an unknown world, incomprehensible and beautiful. Someone thinks that drawing is difficult or somehow unusual. Not at all. All complexity can consist only in a specific mood on art. If there is no mood, if there are a lot of other worries, then, of course, it will be difficult to make the first wave of the brush, the picture will not add up to a single whole, and as a result, you will be upset, but it depends on you, it depends on the artist.

My winter has come. Cold snowy time came not only to the city, but also to me. And this doesn't mean that I have become colder or more serious, absolutely not. I have become comfortable. I light candles more at home and at the workplace, I create coziness around me, I drink a lot of lingonberry tea, I enjoy the snow and amazingly beautiful sunsets.​

The other day, when I had insomnia, I decided to draw a picture that I had long pursued in my head, I even dreamed of it. I didn't want to sell it and decided to keep it for myself, because it is very important to me.

I'm in love with the picture, to be honest, yes, I'm in love with this beauty and the end result, like my victory over my exhausting insomnia. And now it decorates my workplace. It's very nice to look at this outer space in front of you, because you can dream, tune in to the right wave, if I can say so. Well, you understand what I wanna say, I hope (: Well, I love the picture  and that's it!
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