Meeting the dawn at sea is magic that needs to be caught and felt. You can just look at the beauty that morning gives rise to, or you can enjoy the heart, see what is invisible to the eye, but so understandable to the soul. It is always necessary to stop, exhale and inhale ... the dawn with its colors, a special air, the mood of an awakening nature and never sleeping sea.

In Beregovoe, 5 a.m. in the morning of fishermen, a red-pink Martian sunrise, a fiery sun rising from the horizon. It is not difficult to wake up early, when you know why and for what, you wake up without an alarm clock and do not lie down in bed, because you are attracted by special sensations that can only be obtained on the seashore.
Fishermen came earlier. Fishing begins around 4 in the morning, provided that the sea is calm. And usually a good catch. The fishermen are laconic, they are all in the process, but if you talk, you can hear a lot of interesting and entertaining stories, almost as if netting jewelry from the bottom instead of fish they took out. There are a lot of tales and sayings in the reserve, and even repeating themselves, they don’t become intrusive or boring. Such is the peculiarity of the coastal inhabitants.
It becomes cozy from the fishermen on the coast. They are like silent movie actors, and you are the main character in the thick of the incredible everything around you, inside the colors, inside nature itself.

It’s difficult to choose photos for the post, there are too many of them, I love them all and I’m ready to constantly review them. Each road has its own way. And not only because it was dawn in Beregovoy, but also because such paints were possible only in August. And warm, warm as fresh milk, the sea! Fairy tale!

"Those who start a new day with a meeting with the sea cannot be angry or unhappy. And what kind of sea - summer or winter - does not matter. When you see how the sun wakes up, how softly the water stretches, squinting from the first rays, you understand that it does not matter at all what to sleep on, what you have and where you need to rush after you wake up. The main thing is to wait in the morning to open your eyes and hug the sea. ”
“But near the sea, the scale of any grief is narrowing, the borders are blurring - this greatness absorbs everything around. And suddenly, finding himself in this abyss, you forget, you become different."


~ Elchin Safarli ~

Not to record a video of such greatness of nature, of such crazy colors, of such amazing beauty, would be completely dishonest in relation to memory. We remember a lot, but the colors are erased, and once again watching the video, you leave a valuable archive of memories. And it is priceless.

I remember how it began to grow light and the colors faded. They became pastel as if someone had diluted the paints with water and slightly shaded, dimming the brightness, because he pities the person and does not allow him to completely abandon this world, being completely absorbed in such magnificence.

Meanwhile, it was gradually getting light, everything around was imperceptibly filled with bluish tones, and so did not want to leave. It was about 7 in the morning. Fishermen will leave soon and they will be replaced by beach cleaners, owners of catamarans and inflatable slides will leave, seagulls will arrive, begging for bread, the first vacationers will appear. And at 9 a.m., Coastal life will boil, by noon the sun will carbonize fearless sunbathers, and at that time I will be somewhere along the way to Ai-Petri, or to Ordzhonikidze, or to Sudak, or to look somewhere else around, climb the slopes and take endless photographs.