Sometimes I can’t believe that I have set myself a goal to pass this challenge and finish it while filming my adventure every day. And you know what? I was able to do it. And it was not difficult for me to drink juice every day, rather it was more difficult to shoot every day. In the end, I liked not only the juice but also shooting every day, which turned out to be a huge revelation for me.

How much did I expect from this accepted challenge? Perhaps. Because I decided to test the theory and everyone that says so much about this juice in one week. I find it hard to believe just a word, I like to check on myself. So I checked it.


Yes, half were confirmed, namely:


- sleep has improved significantly;
- improved digestion (and although I don't suffer from this, it still seemed to me that certain ease appeared);
- headaches stopped (headaches were when the weather changed, especially when the weather changed abruptly);
- the body is well saturated with water;
- the craving for sweets and junk food has passed.


Actually that's all, but nevertheless, this is already enough to definitely continue to drink this juice. On top of that, I really liked it madly.

Celery rules!