Why do I like to create art and not just take pictures? Why is this so important to me?

Photography is beautiful and it will always live. But sometimes I really want to share the memories or feelings that remained in me after visiting some places, seeing something, from talking with people or just time spent with myself. Sometimes I'm inspired by interesting stories of people or even their orders to create art just for them.


Creating prints or art for people, for my amazing customers or my friends, I immerse myself in an absolute state of peace and joy, and this is a long moment. I can create and live, be in the moment.


But I create the most touching works for my child and for other children because I believe that childhood is an integral time of magic, celebration, riddles, and clues. The joy of children always fills me with tenderness and gives me the opportunity not to forget how often it is very important for a little man to see his personal picture of his fairy tale in his children's room.


Photography is a captured, stopped moment and it is very important. Creating art, you continue the tale that you yourself or someone else invented. This is an inseparable part of my work, complementing all other forms of my art ♥



Nature inspires me absolutely in all its forms and forms on Earth and in Space. Nature gives amazing colors, you can always admire it at any time and this is always not enough♥




Emotions allow you to create the atmosphere of an event in art. It can be my emotional experiences or the experiences of other people telling me their story. This is an important and necessary component of all my work♥